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What Our Customers are Saying

"I have a Bloodhound/Bluetick mix who is 100 pounds of super-drive and willpower, an all-terrain all-conditions beast, and this harness is the absolute best I’ve come across...." continue.

"I love it!  I am sure anyone who uses the Omni Expandable Leash will feel the same...." continue.

"I used the leash today on a walk I do in the country.  Nel needs to be on a lead through the field into the woods and the walk starts off on a steep downhill, so she needs to be closer to me...." continue

We've Done Our Homework

Our attention to detail makes all the difference.

  • All-day comfort.
  • High quality hardware and materials.
  • One buckle harness for easy-on and easy-off.
  • Three lengths in one leash for versatility for walks, jogs, or hikes in urban or rural areas.
  • The most humane way to address pulling and lunging behaviors.

Effective & Versatile

The Omni No-Pull Solution is perfect for any situation.  The Omni Multi-Connection Harness offers multiple leash attachment points: shoulders (top), chest (front), or both when using the Dual Attachment Link.  

The Dual Attachment Link also promotes training your pet to remain on your left or right side (you decide). And when your pet lunges or pulls, the Dual Attachment Link will engage both control loops while redirecting your pet back to you. 

The Omni Multi-Length Leash is three lengths in one: 1 foot, 4 feet, and 7 feet. Whether you are walking or running in the city or country, the Omni No-Pull Solution is all you need. 


The Omni Multi-Connection harness is designed for all day comfort.  The neoprene padded lining and outward facing seams will prevent chaffing and are soft and comfortable for your dog. Our "no-sag" joints will ensure the chest strap remains in place and allow full range of motion of your dog's front legs. Lastly, unlike other tactical type harnesses, we use minimal material coverage to reduce dog overheating in warm climates.

Easy-On, Easy-Off

There is no need to struggle with multiple buckles to put on the Omni Multi-Connection Harness. One neoprene padded parachute buckle will secure the harness on your dog and just takes a few seconds to take on and off the harness. 


The control loops are designed to apply gentle tightening pressure on your pet's shoulder, chest or both depending on the connection points you select. This does not harm or hurt your dog because no pressure or torque is applied to your pet's neck or throat. Unlike pronged collars, choke chains, or even regular collars, injury often occur to the neck and/or trachea.


The Omni No-Pull System uses reflective webbing in the Omni Multi-Connection Harness, the Omni Multi-Length Leash, and the Omni Multi-Length Lite Leash to enhance night-time visibility.  

We use a heavy gauge one-inch webbing for its strength and longevity. 

Our handles are neoprene lined to provide a comfortable and secure grip.  

The Omni Multi-Length Leash has a shock absorbing bungee when fully extended to reduce injuries to you and your pet during sudden pull events.

Durable Construction & Robust Design

Our Omni Products are designed to provide you with years of performance. Our hardware is selected for strength, function and style. Our harness metal tensioners have squared edges (instead of round), so they have more "bite" to maintain fitting adjustments longer. Our snap rings are pull-force tested. Our webbing and neoprene padding are heavy gauge.  We've rigorously field tested our products so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that our products work and last.

The Ultimate No-Pull Walking Solution only by ComPAWdre

Love Every Walk


ComPAWdre, the makers of the ultimate, most humane No-Pull Dog Walking Solution on the market, are changing lives. And we want to change yours.

When utilizing our patent-pending Omni Expandable Leash with the Omni 3-Point Connection Harness, your walking woes are immediately over

Perfect for urban and rural dog walking, jogging, and running, The Omni Expandable Leash and Omni 3-Point Connection Harness will absolutely change your dog walking experience so that you love every walk.

And let's face it, when you love every walk, you and your dog will walk more often - strengthening your bond and maintaining good health. 

And that's a win-win proposition in our book.

COM·PAW​·DRE defined:  /kəmˈpäw-drā/ noun​, INFORMAL•US : 

1. canine BFF,  2. do​ggie-child, 3. favorite source of joy, 4. high-quality leashes and harnesses designed to help you and your dog Love Every Walk.

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