Our Products

Omni Expandable Leash

Multi- Length Leashes

The Omni Expandable Leash and The Omni Lite Expandable Leash

Our proprietary, patent-pending three lengths in one leash is the only leash you'll ever need for any situation or for any dog. 

The Omni Harness

Multi-Connection Harnesses

The Omni 3-Point Connection Harness

Our humane, easy-to-use, no-pull three point connection harness is a complete game changer for any strong pulling dog. It's quick, comfortable and safe.

Welcome Dog Lovers!

ComPAWdre, based in Baltimore, MD, are the makers of the patent-pending Omni Expandable Leash and Omni Harness. Our products have been rigorously tested and are designed to help you and your dog Love Every Walk.

Our Omni Expandable Leash and Omni Harness will absolutely change your dog walking, running, and jogging experience (especially if your dog likes to pull). 

And let's face it...               

when you love every walk, you and your dog will walk more often, strengthening your bond and maintaining good health. What's not to love about that?

COM·PAW​·DRE defined:
 /kəmˈpäw-drā/ noun​, INFORMAL•US : 

1. canine BFF,  2. do​ggie-child, 3. favorite source of joy, 4. high-quality leashes and harnesses designed to help you and your dog Love Every Walk.