Customer Feedback

"I have a Bloodhound/Bluetick mix who is 100 pounds of super-drive and willpower, an all-terrain all-conditions beast, and this harness is the absolute best I’ve come across. I tried several before getting this harness and it’s no contest. It’s super easy to put on, light weight and comfortable for him, provides full unobstructed range of movement, and is as strong as you could need. Trust me, we put gear to the ultimate test, and this harness passes better than any piece of gear I’ve had for him. I can literally stop him in his tracks, and take him off his feet if necessary. It has never slipped off, while all other three strap harnesses have. When we backpack it packs easily into his pack for camp-site time use. The luminescent stitching really lights up, too. I/we give this harness an A++!!"

 Greg S., Willie's dad.

Omni Harness Review
"Life saving, strong and multi-functional, The Omni Expandable Leash by ComPAWdre was the hero of the day when my friend slid down a steep embankment and could not be helped up. She was able to use the two sewn-in handles to grab onto while two strong men literally pulled her straight up by pulling the middle of the leash. The bungee and components held her weight without a problem. I am grateful and amazed at its functionality and strength!" 

Cheryl R. - Jake's mom

Omni Expandable Leash Review

"I used the leash today on a walk I do in the country.  Nel needs to be on a lead through the field into the woods and the walk starts off on a steep downhill, so she needs to be closer to me.  I kept her on the shortest, heal option until the bottom of the hill and then I was able to easily unsnap the leash to full length.  I love how soft the inside of the handles are and the color coded clips make it easy to return to the 4 foot length.  And the velcro to smooth it all out.  The design obviously has much thought and consideration.  I love it!  I am sure anyone who uses the Omni Expandable Leash will feel the same.  Thank you!"  

Lisa B. - Professional Dog Walker

Omni Expandable Leash Review
"Just took Lucy for a walk with her new Omni Expandable Leash by Compawdre and we both love it! I especially appreciate whatever magical material is inside the handles- it makes them super comfortable. The bungee creates some nice “give” when walking (an energetic pup) and of course, the [waste] bag holder looks much nicer than my usual method of just tying bags onto the strap! #classy. I really like having a few different length options and having another handle close to the collar was surprisingly helpful. Thanks for creating such a good quality leash! I’m looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it. Katie C.- Lucy's Mom

Katie C., Lucy's mom

Omni Expandable Leash Review
“The Omni Expandable Leash by ComPAWdre gives a very strong sense of security on my walks. Although it's light and comfortable, it is a very robust walking tool." 

Graham M., Eleanor's Dad
Omni Expandable Leash Review
"Great features in this leash. The adjustable length will fit the needs that the average dog owner will face. The width of this leash makes it easier to grab quickly, the built in poop-bag holder makes clean up far more convenient, and the elastic section makes it much easier to absorb a sudden lunge by the dog without loosing your footing. This immediately became my wife's favorite leash."

Keith H. - dog lover

Omni Expandable Leash Review

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